New purchases mean new projects…

I will definitely have details to follow once the items have been delivered, but I wanted to  give you a sneak peek into what I ordered online this morning:

I just bought 2 different sized barrels from Baby Barrels.
One is a small 1-Liter barrel, and the other is a larger 5-Liter barrel.  I’m not sure just what I will want to age in the barrels just yet, but an obvious option will be the trendy whiskey based aged cocktail. I also want to play around with aging a gin based cocktail, it just sounds like a fun challenge of balancing flavors.

My other purchase was from King Orchards cherries. I snagged a case of montmorency cherries so I can brandy/cure/age/intensify them for later use. I’ll most likely make 3-4 batches of different styles to see what turns out as the best result.

I’m having some fun, you should do the same!


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